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No Contract & No Admin Fee

Local 4G 42Mbps monthly plans with no hidden charges. Pick your plan worry-free!

Mobile service supported by SmarTone

Basic services are included for all plans: Data P2P, Intra SMS, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Number Display, Call Waiting and Conference Call.
Travel without changing SIM, always stay connected! Travel data day pass charges
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Transferring your number to Birdie is easy! For detail

# Data usage during these hours will not be deducted from monthly plan entitlement.
* Each call’s duration is rounded up to full minutes for computation and charging purposes. Extra local voice calls are charged HK$0.3 per minute.
^ Data services continue thereafter, with upload and download speed for data access at up to 128kbps. You can also top up extra 4G 42Mbps local mobile data at $20/1GB, $50/5GB or $100/10GB) for that billing month.

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Travel Data Day Pass

Stay away from shocking bills with Birdie Mobile’s flexible day pass system – only pay for the day you use data overseas and no set-up is required on your device. It’s so easy to unwind!

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Plan Details


Plan Details


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Plan Details


Making phone calls and sending/ receiving SMS while traveling?

Simply enable roaming voice and IDD in the Birdie Mobile App .
Reminder: Deposit will be required to enable this feature.