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Transferring your number to Birdie is easier than you think

Fed up with service bound by contract and wondering how Birdie can lift your mobile experience? Transferring your current mobile number to Birdie is easier than you think. Follow our guide step by step and you’re done in a snap!

Once you’ve successfully subscribed to Birdie’s mobile service, you don’t need to contact your current operator because we will work with them to settle everything else for you. Your mobile number will be carried over to Birdie on your chosen date.

Always remember to keep your number active throughout the transfer process. You don’t need to - and should not - ask your current operator to terminate your number’s service.

Monthly plan subscribers:Ensure you’re the number’s registered holder and your contract with the current operator has ended or is almost over (if you want to change the registered holder of your number, please see FAQ#12 under “Transfer My Number to Birdie”)

Prepaid SIM users:Ensure your prepaid SIM is active with a balance of at least HK$1.

It generally takes Birdie about 7 days to process the transfer of your mobile number, so you may subscribe to your new Birdie service 7 days prior to the end date of your current contract to have your number transferred to Birdie on the date your current contract expires.

You may also register up to 90 days in advance for a Birdie service subscription. Go through the registration, get your SIM, sit back and look forward to your service activation date.

*If you want to request for a different transfer date, email us at hello@birdie.com.hk after getting your SIM card.

We take great care of every customer request and the handling of your mobile number is no exception. Even if your number can’t be carried over to Birdie, it will remain with your current operator and won’t be lost.

Ready to switch to Birdie? Here is how:

Just 3 simple steps to subscribe Birdie‘s local mobile plan
Just 3 simple steps to subscribe Birdie‘s local mobile plan

*It’s expected to take as short as 15-20 minutes to complete the registration

Porting Guide

Top Tips

Make sure to pick your contract end date while choosing a date to carry over your mobile number. Picking a wrong date may result in unnecessary surcharges.

Really have no idea when your contract is expiring? You’re advised to
- login to your current operator’s online account or mobile app to find out
- ask a staff from your current operator at a store or via the customer service hotline

3HK hotline: 1033
截數日 (end of bill date);合約完結日(Contract End Date)

CMHK hotline: 2945 8888
付款到期日 (due date);合約屆滿(expiry of the agreement)

CSL hotline: 2512 3123
繳費到期日 (Payment for Charges is due on);承諾期屆滿 (expiration of the Commitment Period)

HKBN hotline: 128 100
到期日(Due Date);合約期屆滿 (Commitment Period has expired)

SmarTone hotline: 2880 2688
截數日 (end of billing cycle);合約或服務終止之日 (Agreement or the Services end day)

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You’ll just need an e-copy of Hong Kong ID card or passport to subscribe to our service.
Simply tap on Subscribe Now or download Birdie Mobile App on your phone for subscription.

Please also see our FAQs under “Transfer My Number to Birdie